maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

Valotus # 2

This is another zine. It's full of photos taken by a Finnish dude, also accompanied by some pieces of writing. That's pretty much all of it.

Mini DIY skatepark in Hämeenlinna. January 2017 and August 2016.

Reunion shows of On a Solid Rock and Ill Omen. February-April 2017.

Interview and photos by Antti Pöllänen, Tampere-based photographer. Took the picture above.

Budapest, and it's gritter side as seen by a tourist. February-March 2017.

The pictures above were not actually used in the final layout (so they're kind of a leftovers), but you get the idea.

40 pages. Page size A5. Black and white. Price: 3 €. Postage will be added. International shipping.

Shot with Canon A-1, Canon EOS 7D, Canon TX, Fujifilm mirrorless, Canon AT-1 and Fed-2 on Ilford HP5+, Ilford FP4, Fomapan 100 films and on megapixels.

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Further info, orders and contact: piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT

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